Friday, June 11, 2010

What's One More? It's all about the numbers (and perspective).

All of us with large families have heard it "You already have 9 (or 12, or 15), what's one more?"

For the last couple days I've only had five children at home. Next week we'll jump back up to 11 kids at home. That's a lot of difference. I just keep saying, "Wow, it's so quiet." And that's counting that my challenging special needs child is home.Quiet? with five children home? How is that possible?

The average household keeps pretty busy with five kids. That's not a small family. I remember when I had five children, back in 1994. I had lots to do. So it's all about perspective. What's one more? It depends on the child.

Eleven is a lot different than five. I'm amazed at the difference in how the house stays clean. I'm glad for the opportunity to "catch up" on laundry. I haven't had much need to taxi the kids to their activities. Wow, I think I'll redo my kitchen cabinets in the next few days. Or paint a room. Or clean the garage! Oh my! could I really paint my toenails?

For the next few hours I'll enjoy the five (oops, now it's six) kids at home. This afternoon, and over the next five days, the numbers will start to rise, as the kids start returning home from their different trips.

I'm looking forward to having the eleven children home. I just have way too much time on my hands!


  1. When just a few of my children are gone, it seems like time stretches before me! But it doesn't take long before I miss the noise...and the fun. Glad you'll have your whole family back together soon :)

  2. I have half mine gone tonight. I'm not liking it either! Way to quiet. It is weird not having the constant chatterer here. No one else knows what to say :)

  3. It is a strange feeling - Kinda like continually listening for the preschoolers to make sure they aren't getting into things they're not supposed to!
    Vickie, I like the name of your blog. Are you in southern Idaho? I have lots of family in that area.

  4. I totally agree. When I am missing half my family I get extremely bored, or excited, or anxious, or something. It's just not normal. I was talking to a friend at church a few weeks ago and she asked how my week was. I told her it was pretty quiet, I only went to the grocery store. And even that wasn't too bad because I only had 7 kids with me. She blurted out, "Only 7 kids, that's over twice what I have. And to think you have more still."

    Oh, and the quiet that comes when only a handful of kids are home is quite eery. I don't like it.