Citrus Blossom Extract
1 tangerine
1 mandarin orange
2 lemons
1 lime
2 quarts 80+ proof alcohol

Using a vegetable peeler, lightly peel citrus rind, being careful to only get the top layer, and not the white membranes.  Place equally into two quart-sized canning jars. Fill to the top with alcohol, rum and vodka work well.  Shake up bottle every once in a while. Extract is ready to use in 2 months. Wonderful variety in place of lemon or orange extract.

Although I've never been a "drinker" (unless Dr. Pepper was involved), I now keep vodka in the cabinet! I also make homemade vanilla extract, and have made a lovely concoction of 'It's Nuts!' extract, and a fantastic 'Cinnilla' extract. Vodka is also good to make homemade room sprays and foot sprays. 

Once you start thinking of uses, you'll come up with all kinds of things. Even if it feels strange to keep it in the cabinet!