Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun and FREE (or almost) Summer Activities

Today someone was asking for some fun and free, or low-cost, activity ideas for summer.
I thought I'd share a few here. While I was thinking of a few ideas, I also thought I should do them more!
I like activities that require very little supervision and preferably outdoors. This helps Mom to catch her breath, switch the laundry or mop a floor. 

Make a comment and add your ideas!
P.S.- Any child who uses the "B" word (as in Bored), obviously needs help finding something to do. Usually a time or two of washing windows or dusting ceiling fans will help get their imagination back in order!

*Outdoor scavenger hunt- Make a list (yellow flower, catch a lizard, worm, butterfly, heart-shaped leaf, etc). Give them a time limit (30-45 mins or so). Whichever team gets the most things crossed off gets the first choice of the outdoor snack (popsicles or homemade snow cones).
*Sprinklers under the trampoline
*One day a week= Park Day
*Each child gets a small space to plant and care for a flower/vegie garden (very small - like 2' sq). Plant, water, sow.
*Nature Hike - collect favorite bark, moss, pinecones, rocks, etc. Make "fairy" houses (for boys name it something manly!)
*Reading time outside under the trees, complete with smoothies
*Start a bug collection. Children can make bug houses!
*Sidewalk murals with chalk. Make homemade chalk from plaster paris and food coloring, using old soap or ice cube molds.

*Creative flavor ice cream contest -  http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/homemade-ice-cream-in-a-bag-684806/
 *Roller hockey in the garage - move out the cars
*Roast marshmallow in a fire or bbq pit. Make smores. (Mom can make the fire, then sit back and read a book while the kids to the roasting).
*Take out the Halloween costume box and let them have at it. They'll be busy for a couple hours.
*Girls have a manicure/pedicure party. Don't like nailpolish? Let them use poster paint and small brush for easy removal.

*Empty refrigerator box. Enough said. 


  1. Teach them the piano, then they can play on their own. Many advantages and blessings from knowing how to play. Good music in the home is a great spiritual strength.

  2. I 'm excited for that, with the summer activities, but I just look at people who are helping out at summer camps or going to the residential programs or getting internships and I feel like I won't be having as much fun or being as productive - so I was just wondering how important summer activities are?